Ori Shlez


From television to film, from theatre to live shows, plus working with pop icons from around the world, Ori Shlesinger has been at the forefront of music production for over a decade. Based out of Tel Aviv Israel, he comfortably navigates a world of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Atmospheric, Folk, Gospel and Contemporary Pop with consummate ease; painting a picture of aural delights to soothe the soul.

He is a modern artist in every sense of the word, and the internet has enabled him to collaborate and grow his extensive catalogue of work to an ever-expanding audience. Coming from a family of musicians, he was always destined to follow a career of musical expressionism. A multi-instrumentalist with talent to burn, he creates and builds his musical vision from the sanctity of his own purpose-built studio.

TV and Film
Ori has worked for numerous TV networks including providing music for the popular US children’s channel BFTV. In Israel he was a music producer for the ratings hit ‘Yeshnan Banot’. The talent show was hosted by internationally renowned Eurovision Song winner Dana, and Ori provided the perfect musical backdrop to an emerging group of artists competing on the national stage.

Soundtrack Work
His depth and breadth of work includes working on an anime feature as part of an Oscar submission.  He has also provided the complete musical score for a local feature film. Ori has also specialised in providing music for several media platforms and apps. This union of technology and music has been a major feature of his work and is demonstrated by the several apps he himself has brought to market.

Commercial Music
As a sound design, mixing and mastering engineer, Ori has worked on hundreds of albums and thousands of singles. Commercially speaking, he is able to work in any medium, with any artist. Over the years he has collaborated with some outstanding talent including Joey Kibble (take6), Donna McAfee (Michael Jackson and Natalie Cole), John Tesh and many others. More recently he has teamed up with rap artists and a French singer to deliver an upcoming album of fresh and exciting music.
When he is not making music for others, you can find him in his commercial studio working on his own projects which, amongst others, will result in a new soul album featuring many outstanding artists from his personal relationships built up over the past 10 years.
His exquisite mastery of sound means Ori Shlesinger is continually in demand as a composer from all corners. As his clients recognise his professionalism, creativity and ability to invent soundscapes that add another dimension to everything he touches, his reputation as one of the world’s most talented producers will continue to grow.

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